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No worries when it comes to SCIP

Since the beginning of 2021, manufacturers, retailers, and importers of products containing substances of very high concern have had to submit them to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). ebm-papst is also affected by this and developed software to make the process particularly easy. Others are now benefiting from this.

Many parties can benefit from knowing which substances are in certain products. In particular, waste disposal companies benefit from the fact that it is easier for them to separate raw materials and products into groups and further process them correctly. For this reason, companies in the EU have been obliged, among other things, to submit substances of very high concern in their products to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) since January 2021. The information is stored there in the SCIP1 database. This enables you to clearly determine which substances can be found in which product over the entire lifecycle.

Pragmatic solution for a complex problem

ebm-papst is also affected by this regulation. At the very start when material technologists and process managers were beginning to deal with the topic, it quickly became clear that ebm-papst needed a pragmatic and reliable solution for the complex SCIP notification obligation. “The regulation affects over 10,000 products at ebm-papst,” explains Jan Franke, Sales Engineer Industry Solutions at ebm-papst neo. “With this in mind, it quickly becomes clear that manually entering individual products using an online form is no solution.” Luckily, ECHA also offers additional interfaces for transmitting the data. However, specialist knowledge and increased IT outlay are required to be able to use these meaningfully and without any errors. This outlay soon paid off, though, as such a large number of products were involved. For this reason, ebm-papst developed its own solution. Once programmed, this is now worthwhile even for small quantities.

The SCIP-Express online tool makes the SCIP notification process child’s play.

Jan Franke, Sales Engineer Industry Solutions at ebm-papst neo

ebm-papst neo recognized the potential benefits for other companies that this application offers and further developed the software for external use. The SCIP-Express online tool is now also available to other companies for a fee. “This makes the SCIP notification process child’s play,” explains Franke. “The user registers on our platform, downloads an Excel template, and fills it out. We provide them with instructions that guide them through the process step by step. Finally, they upload the file via the tool and receive their Excel file with the SCIP numbers after just a few minutes. This means that the notifications for the products have been sent and the legal obligation has been fully satisfied.” In this way, users do not have to familiarize themselves with new tools, but can simply use the latest version of Microsoft Excel.

Committed to improved processes

ebm-papst SCIP-Express is aimed particularly at contaminant experts and product managers in medium-sized companies. They often do not have sufficient budget or capacities to program solutions themselves, although the benefits of these types of automated processes are also large for small companies.

SCIP-Express is aimed particularly at contaminant experts and product managers in medium-sized companies.

Franke explains: “SCIP-Express is a good example of the general mindset at ebm-papst neo. Every day, we see potential in our own production through digital applications. Our focus is on simple and adaptive solutions instead of complex and extensive system solutions. Unfortunately, such lavish and cost-intensive offerings dominate the service market, which deters us as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s why we want to offer an increased number of pragmatic, simple, and lean solutions for a wide range of processes within the company. As with SCIP-Express, the roots for this kind of software are in our own company. It was therefore clear from the outset that we are working on the solution for a problem that actually exists in the real world.”

1SCIP stands for Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products)

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