New luster on smart­phone and desktop

As of late, the ebm-papst website has a new look: For smart­phone, tablet or PC, in the new corpo­rate design and with more service for customers.

More clarity and a better overview, a modern look and the perfect fit for all end user devices – these were the goals for the reworking of The result has been on display since July 3. Espe­cially striking are the new bounty of the website and the colors, which are taken from the current corpo­rate design. What’s more, the page can now be viewed perfectly on all end user devices, whether on small smart­phone screens, on a tablet or on a large desktop monitor.

The new website impresses with its generous and modern design.

The user guid­ance enables access via indus­tries ...

... or prod­ucts.

A central news­room bundles all news about the company.

Since October 2016, the website team has modern­ized the industry area as microsites for the market segments. These are once again part of the company website, so every­thing comes from a single source. There are two paths for users who are inter­ested in ebm-papst solu­tions: They can either dive directly into the world of prod­ucts or get an overview of the appli­ca­tions that are rele­vant for them using the attrac­tive industry pages.

Also new is a promi­nent ebm-papst news­room: It is the first point of contact for jour­nal­ists and anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with ebm-papst’s activ­i­ties. In addi­tion, a lead manage­ment tool has been incor­po­rated, which can be used to process contact inquiries in compli­ance with the GDPR and support sales.

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