Making the world greener: Energy-saving seminar in the Urals

Energy-saving seminar in the Urals

Envi­ron­mental aware­ness is a matter of course for ebm-papst. So our branch in the Urals staged an energy-saving seminar for its customers on 5 June (UN World Envi­ron­ment Day) as part of the global “Every day is a GreenDay” campaign. Several presen­ta­tions focused on ways in which effi­ciency poten­tial can be fully exploited these days in a broad range of appli­ca­tions. And of course the spot­light was on the bene­fits of Green­Tech EC tech­nology. Not without success: Whilst the event was still in progress, ebm-papst entered into a strategic part­ner­ship for several pilot projects with Frigomax, a local supplier of super­market refrig­er­a­tion equip­ment.

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