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GreenDay on world tour

For us, every day is a green day - worldwide

For us, every day is a green day – worldwide

Our corporate philosophy is touring the world. With 57 locations altogether and more than 11,000 employees, we are represented all over the globe.

We are serious about our environmental and sustainability strategy. For that reason, many of our subsidiaries will prove in this year and the next that they do things “green”. We are running the campaign “Every Day is a GreenDay” for this purpose. Every seven days, there will be a promotional week at a different ebm-papst location highlighting environmental protection, sustainability, and energy and resource efficiency.

Showing why GreenTech is a success factor

The kickoff is taking place on April 16th at our corporate headquarters in Mulfingen with a visit from the Minister of the Environment for the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Franz Untersteller. On the following day, scientific journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, politician Rezzo Schlauch, environmental economist Christopher Boyd and climate researcher Hans von Storch are having a discussion on the topic “Ecology: a growth driver?” The discussion is taking place during an evening event at the Stauseehalle in Mulfingen.

For every GreenTech EC fan sold, a tree will be planted

Our cafeterias will begin the campaign by offering an additional meal made exclusively of ingredients from regional suppliers; experts will offer our employees an energy consultation free of charge and much more. ebm-papst Austria will take up the campaign standard from Mulfingen. Italy, St. Georgen in the German Black Forest, Belarus, Greece, and others will follow – a trip around the entire world! The centre point is always the objective of awakening the enthusiasm of our employees, customers and the public about environmental protection and sustainability and to show why GreenTech has become a success factor for ebm-papst.

There are also a number of event ideas. Our Italian employees are distributing fabric bags; ebm-papst Russia is inviting its customers to a vegetarian dinner; the employees of the Korean subsidiary are bypassing the elevator for two days and climbing the stairs on foot; the Austrians are biking to work, and ebm-papst Brazil is planting a tree for every GreenTech EC fan sold in the current fiscal year.

For more information about the GreenDay visit the GreenDay blog.

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