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Engineers for the world

ebm-papst Australia supports the regional aid agency Engineers Without Borders Australia in Melbourne

Engineers Without Borders are active in seven countries, passing on their technical knowledge, helping development work and creating new infrastructure in remote countries and communities. ebm-papst Australia has been supporting this organisation since 2009.

The non-profit organisation is comprised of engineers, scientists and students who use their skills and knowledge to provide aid in Australia and central and south-east Asia. This includes securing water supply, installing sanitary systems and renewable energy projects.

“What started as a small group of people has developed over the past 11 years to a movement of 15,000 people and companies, all working together to create change through humanitarian engineering”, describes Lizzie Brown, CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia.

“For us as a business, social responsibility is very important.”

Simon Bradwell, Managing Director of ebm-papst A & NZ

For Simon Bradwell, Managing Director of ebm-papst A & NZ, supporting a project like this is a matter close to his heart. He too had contributed to social projects before starting his career at the fan manufacturer. “My wife and I went to Zambia for two years in 1999 to do voluntary work and challenge ourselves professionally”, says Bradwell.

The work in various projects and the cultural and interpersonal experiences that the couple collected in Africa made a lasting impression. This is why inspiring his colleagues to help in various activities for Engineers Without Borders is an important cause for Simon Bradwell. “For us as a business, social responsibility is very important”, he declares. “That’s why I’m pleased that we are able to help a regional aid organisation like Engineers Without Borders Australia”.

“The financial support from ebm-papst allows us to train many of our members and gain new ones.”

Lizzie Brown, CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia

The Australian ebm-papst team regularly participates in the “Ride Around the Bay” in Melbourne and cycles with family members, friends and colleagues to raise funds for Engineers Without Borders. ebm-papst also donates ten dollars to the non-profit organisation for every completed customer experience feedback questionnaire.

“The financial support from ebm-papst allows us to train many of our members and gain new ones”, explains Lizzie Brown. “ebm-papst also sponsors a range of events which are very important for the exchange of knowledge and interests”.

Link-Festival in Melbourne

Linked: In February, ebm-papst Australia supported the Link Festival, organised by Engineers Without Borders. The event in Melbourne brought together scientists, engineers, architects and students to discuss the latest develop­ments in tech­nology and design along with social change. Specialist experts taught new approaches and shared their experiences in a range of work­shops and sessions. The event offered a platform for net­working, inspiration and ex­changing ideas for future develop­ments.

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