Building for the future

Thomas Borst on revenue growth and construction projects

Dear readers, First of all, I would like to thank all our customers for the successful business year we have just experienced. Double-digit revenue growth and many new jobs created. These outstanding results that we presented at our press conference in June would not have been possible without the trust that you placed in us and without the many successful projects we implemented together.

But the innovations that we drove forward together were also important. Our cooperation with the Diamond Light Source particle accelerator in Oxfordshire (UK) is a good example of this. Thanks to the commitment of our partners and the trust of those responsible in the success of high-tech projects, the facility will in future save 55 percent of the energy used in its cooling system. We want to build on this foundation of innovation and trust and grow together with you. Being prepared for future growth requires investment. And that is exactly what we are doing.

As you read this, we are implementing major construction projects and expanding our capacity, therefore adjusting to the challenges our markets pose. Markets demand both shorter delivery times and greater flexibility. The expansions will help us achieve both of these, as we want to continue to provide our customers with the good service that they expect from us as a market leader. Enjoy reading!

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