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Are you ready, Mr Sigloch?

Uwe Sigloch, Head of Market Management Ventilation/Air Conditioning at ebm-papst, about the outcome of the EU eco-design directive

The EU eco-design directive aims to reduce the power consumption of energy-using products. The implementation measures for fans are expected to become law in early 2010. For three years, Uwe Sigloch, Head of Market Management Ventilation/Air Conditioning at ebm-papst, has been involved in drawing up the specifications.

Many fan manufacturers consider the proposed directive to be excessively strict. How do you rate the specifications?
A Europe-wide study was conducted to identify the minimum requirements of fans. The manufacturers were involved in the process from the very beginning, through the VDMA. A mood change now would not be understandable. Personally, I am convinced that a directive with strict minimum requirements will only benefit the European fan industry. More highly qualified jobs will be created. Not to forget the original objective: Co2 reduction of 20 percent by 2020!

What will change on the European market as a result of the directive?
Once this directive has been passed, all fans with an output of 125 watts or more will have to satisfy the specified minimum level of efficiency. This will result in lower consumption of electrical energy with unchanged comfort. Because only compliant products bearing the “CE” symbol will be marketed in Europe, some fans will disappear from the European market, or they will be replaced by superior models. The directive will also affect fans that are installed in air conditioning units, for example. These fans are also required to satisfy the minimum standards. This will also be of relevance for equipment imported from other countries.

What does the directive mean to ebm-papst?
Once the directive is implemented, the focus of our product portfolio will shift even further from fans with AC technology to fans with energy-efficient EC technology. But that is not a problem. Even now, each of our fans with AC technology has an equivalent with EC technology. ebm-papst is well prepared for the new requirements.

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