Mobile phone on four wheels

In a modern car, the smart­phone has now become an indis­pens­able passenger. Proper venti­la­tion ensures that it does not over­heat from all of its many func­tions

The smart­phone is, today, one of a driver’s best friends. The small pocket device serves as a navi­ga­tion unit, music library and web radio receiver. An appro­priate app can be used to turn on the heater in winter even before getting underway so that the driver is cosy and warm. Oh, and you can also make calls, of course. Many of these func­tions can be called up directly using a multi-func­tional steering wheel for the highest level of oper­ating conve­nience.

Automakers provide their customers with cradles so that this works smoothly. A smart­phone can simply be inserted into this clamp; a corre­sponding inter­face ensures the greatest possible connec­tivity to the car. The cradle also provides the battery with elec­tricity so that the driver gets the greatest degree of use from apps. During a multi-hour drive on the motorway in intense summer sunlight, the heat given off in the process could quickly become dangerous and cause the device to over­heat.

As a cradle supplier for many large automakers, commu­ni­ca­tions tech­nology company Peiker has a solu­tion ready: a built-in fan. Peiker uses the smallest of the small in the ebm-papst product line for this purpose. The 250 N series is just 25 x 25 x 8 millime­tres. Its output is suffi­cient to fulfil the application’s require­ments. After all, they do not have to handle huge quan­ti­ties of heat given off, but simply circu­late it within the inte­rior of the cradle and thus distribute it suffi­ciently. The thermal load dissi­pates on the entire surface of the smart­phone without nega­tive effects, instead of forming poten­tially dangerous hotspots.

Peiker inte­grates the fans without major modi­fi­ca­tions. Only the cable and plug were adapted slightly in coop­er­a­tion with ebm-papst. Because a cradle, as an optional auxil­iary unit, is not subject to the strict EMC bench­marks of other auto­mo­tive elec­tronics, the devel­opers could make use of stan­dard compo­nents in this appli­ca­tion, such as the 250 N series. Reli­a­bility is unaf­fected. Today the Peiker cradles are allowing thou­sands of users to be able to fully enjoy their smart­phones during travel in the summer.

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