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Water for the world

Clean drinking water for everyone – no matter when, no matter where. The French start-up T.zic is making this possible with its “UVOJI” miracle box. Its secret: it disinfects water using UV light.

Imagine you didn’t have clean water at home, whether for cooking, showering or washing your clothes. Hard to imagine, right? But something that’s inconceivable for us is everyday life for many people around the world. For them, clean drinking water is a rare commodity and they often have to walk kilometers to find some.

Water disinfection by UV light

If the French start-up T.zic has its way, this global problem should soon be over. The company’s vision is for everyone to have access to healthy, high-quality water, everywhere and at all times. The start-up’s solution is called UVOJI, a patented water treatment system with integrated LED UV lamps.

“The contaminated water runs through the system, where it is irradiated by UV LEDs.” – Thomas Sechaud, CEO T.zic

“The principle behind this technology is very simple,” says Thomas Séchaud, CEO of T.zic and co-founder of the company. “The contaminated water runs through the system, where it is irradiated by UV LEDs. This effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites and spores – quickly and entirely without additional chemicals.”

The UVOJI with axial fans from ebm-papst for cooling the UV LEDs. (Photo | T.Zic)

During this process, the UV LEDs also generate a lot of heat that has to be dissipated outwards. This is where 614F axial fans from ebm-papst come into play. They keep the UVOJI at operating temperature and prevent the LEDs from overheating. This allows the compact system to function reliably and to be used exactly where clean water is required, whether that’s in rural areas, poor neighborhoods or crisis regions.

UVOJI in use worldwide

“Thanks to the support of the French Red Cross, our box is already being used by people who urgently need it,” says Séchaud. For example in Nioumamilima in the Comoros. Here, the start-up from Montpellier worked with the FRK and the Red Crescent to equip the local family health center. A special model called the UVOJI Pure was installed, consisting of a UV disinfection box called the UVOJI Safe and an additional module that physically filters the water using activated carbon.

After installation of the UVOJI Pure: water test in the family health centre of Nioumamilima. (Photo | T.Zic)

“This modularity distinguishes our system,” says Séchaud. “We can simply expand it using the plug-and-play process and adapt it to the location and purpose”. Therefore, in addition to disinfecting water using UV light, it can also filter dirt particles or prepare used water as UVOJI Reuse so that it can be directly reused.

Electricity by solar panel

The only other thing that UVOJI needs is electrical power. But what happens if there is hardly any electricity in an area or no electricity at all? T.zic has an answer to this problem as well. The system saves a lot of energy, as it only draws power when it’s really needed. In addition, the start-up also offers the UVOJI with a solar panel. This means that the box can even work smoothly outdoors and can be used flexibly.

This means that clean, drinkable water no longer requires long walks or expensive treatment plants. The UVOJI simply cleans water then and there – no matter when, no matter where! The system is easy to install and can be expanded with modules. It also conserves resources, as it does not require chemicals and operates using pure solar energy. A UV light will soon enter many parts of the world and clean water will be a given for everyone.

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