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RadiPac: The fan

Combination of impeller, motor and control system

For ebm-papst a fan is more than just an impeller. An ebm-papst fan is an optimised assembly made up of at least the following:

• Precision impeller with inlet nozzle
• GreenTech EC motor
• Control electronics

Fan components

Put to the test

A chamber test rig is used to take measurements on the minimum fan configuration described above. After testing the measurement results are entered into the product documentation.
The ebm-papst centrifugal fan from the RadiPac product range for use in AHUs is fitted with extra mechanical components in addition to the basic features mentioned to create a complete ready-to-install fan unit. “Spider” and “Cube” versions of the mechanical assembly are available. The spider type is the best alternative for smaller sizes as this unit can simply be screwed to the device wall. The cube design is the ideal choice for large and heavy fans. It is mounted on vibration-absorbing elements on the bottom of the device.
The name RadiPac is a combination of Radial referring to the centrifugal fan and Package meaning an assembly. The complete RadiPac package is a ready-to-install, optimally designed functional unit which is easy to handle, easy to fit and easy to operate. Simplicity itself: The all-in-one solution – Plug & Play.

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