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The Swiss company NTS rents server space to small and medium-sized enterprises. Following an upgrade with EC technology, the computers are now cooled much more efficiently than before.

Storing digital information reliably and easily is crucial to the survival of every business. But for small and medium-sized companies, it is usually not cost-effective to have dedicated server rooms or data centers. NTS Workspace AG, with several locations in Switzerland, offers an elegant solution for this problem. It rents server space in large data centers to its customers, taking care of the entire infrastructure such as redundant systems for cooling and power supply. The customers only provide the server hardware.

Added efficiency for the data center

“As in all data centers, cooling is responsible for a considerable part of our energy consumption,” says Niklas Hug, managing director at NTS Workspace AG. So he decided to improve energy efficiency at the NTS data centers as part of a development program. An important action was to upgrade the older air conditioning units. “The old air conditioners blew a constant amount of cool air into the cold aisle, no matter how much was really needed,” says Dr. Jan Meyer, who advises NTS in energy-related matters. “So we needed fans that are easy to control and can be integrated into the existing system without a lot of effort.” NTS found what it needed at ebm-papst, which supplies smoothly adjustable EC fans that save a lot of energy in comparison with AC fans thanks to their design.

As much as needed, as little as possible

NTS decided to take advantage of the great potential and converted the air conditioning units at its locations in Bern and Zürich. “Since we rent server space in our racks, there’s always a certain amount of fluctuation. So it’s a big help that we can control the fans exactly now.” The fans now run according to the principle “as much as needed, as little as possible.” Thanks to the measures taken to increase efficiency, NTS has reduced its energy costs by 1,000 Swiss francs per month. The company saves even more by using waste heat from the servers to heat its offices in the winter. NTS now saves around 100,000 liters of heating oil annually.

Since we rent server space in our racks, there’s always a certain amount of fluctuation. So it’s a big help that we can control the fans exactly now.

Niklas Hug, managing director NTS Workspace AG

In addition to efficiency, the low noise emissions from the EC fans are another welcome benefit. “Sometimes our customers work in the server rooms themselves, like when they install their hardware. And that’s a lot more pleasant when the room isn’t just cool but also quiet,” says Hug. To help make the heat exchangers on the roof just as quiet, NTS is now equipping the facilities in Bern and Zürich with AxiTop diffusers from ebm-papst. They increase the efficiency of the installed fans and also reduce the noise emissions. Not only NTS benefits, so do their neighbors in the nearby residential area.


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