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»Residential ventilation has to be quiet«

Thanks to its precisely controllable air flow, the RadiCal in scroll housing is ideal for residential ventilation.

Mr. Sigloch, why did ebm-papst develop the RadiCal in scroll housing ?

Special fans that control both air intake and exhaust are needed for residential ventilation in both new and renovated buildings. Until now, fans with forward-curved impellers were used for central home ventilation units. But the proven RadiCal centrifugal fans with free-running backward-curved impellers deliver significantly better results for both efficiency and noise emission. Now we have combined the proven RadiCal fans with an aerodynamically optimized scroll housing for use in central home ventilation units, for which the products used must be extremely quiet.

Uwe Sigloch, Head of Product & Market Management at ebm-papst Mulfingen. (Foto | ebm-papst)

What specific benefits does RadiCal in scroll housing have for residential ventilation ?

The round outlet of the new scroll housing fits directly onto the ducts that distribute the air, reducing air flow losses in the duct system while also reducing the noise level by up to 3.5 dB(A) when compared to a centrifugal blower. The disturbing blade passing noise of a backward-curved impeller in a living environment has been significantly reduced through the combination with the optimized scroll housing. The tonal proportion in the disruptive frequency range is reduced by up to 20 dB in comparison to conventional installation conditions.

And how does the product ensure that the optimum amount of air is always moved ?

A vane anemometer positioned in the outlet of the scroll housing continuously records the actual air flow and transmits the data to the integrated central control electronics of the fan. These control electronics adapt the speed of the EC motor to the desired setpoint value, thus regulating the air volume. This integrated volume constancy control enables effective home ventilation without an overpressure or underpressure occurring in the living space. This prevents humidity in the walls and unwanted cold air supply from outside.

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