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RadiPac = form + fit + func­tion

Dr. Bruno Lindl about the advan­tages of the new Radi­Pacs from ebm-papst.

People spend 80% of their lives in build­ings. Air handling units control the purity, temper­a­ture and humidity of the air to create ideal human living condi­tions. Fans supply a spec­i­fied volume of air at a defined pres­sure to main­tain the required “atmos­phere”. That is the object of the exer­cise. In reality, a lot of suppos­edly constant para­me­ters are in fact vari­ables. There is no such thing as an all-purpose instal­la­tion, as the local climatic condi­tions, the type and size of the building and the nature of the appli­ca­tion concerned demand a sophis­ti­cated design and control strategy.

Plan­ning an air handling system involves performing detailed calcu­la­tions to work out the most appro­priate concept for the given situ­a­tion. Char­ac­ter­istic data and design quan­ti­ties are employed for dimen­sioning the ducts, the instal­la­tion and the fan system. The air flow and oper­ating profile form the basis for calcu­lating the annual energy require­ment and the effi­ciency of the instal­la­tion – para­me­ters which have to be docu­mented to satisfy legal demands and for the owner of the building.

We analyse these factors together with our customers, the manu­fac­turers of air handling units, to deter­mine the optimum product-specific features for the fan system:

  • Fans account for the majority of the power consumed by air handling units; the solu­tion: EC tech­nology inte­grated into an aero­dy­nam­i­cally opti­mised impeller – nozzle module for maximum effi­ciency.
  • Fans are part of the controlled system, the air perfor­mance has to be adapt­able to require­ments; the solu­tion: EC tech­nology with a network­able inter­face to the control system.
  • Minimal air-borne and struc­ture-borne noise levels through the use of an aeroa­cousti­cally opti­mised impeller – nozzle concept, possibly with Flow­Grid and anti-vibra­tion mounting module
  • Our RadiPac concept: Easy to inte­grate into the system thanks to its compact design with simple and safe instal­la­tion.
  • The RadiPac product range for all oper­ating require­ments; robust construc­tion and reli­able oper­a­tion.

“Quality in a square” is not just a good motto for deli­cious choco­late, it can apply just as well to tech­nical prod­ucts. ebm-papst can help customers secure their future success.

Dr. Bruno Lindl, R&D Managing Director ebm-papst Group

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