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RadiPac = form + fit + function

Dr. Bruno Lindl about the advantages of the new RadiPacs from ebm-papst.

People spend 80% of their lives in buildings. Air handling units control the purity, temperature and humidity of the air to create ideal human living conditions. Fans supply a specified volume of air at a defined pressure to maintain the required “atmosphere”. That is the object of the exercise. In reality, a lot of supposedly constant parameters are in fact variables. There is no such thing as an all-purpose installation, as the local climatic conditions, the type and size of the building and the nature of the application concerned demand a sophisticated design and control strategy.

Planning an air handling system involves performing detailed calculations to work out the most appropriate concept for the given situation. Characteristic data and design quantities are employed for dimensioning the ducts, the installation and the fan system. The air flow and operating profile form the basis for calculating the annual energy requirement and the efficiency of the installation – parameters which have to be documented to satisfy legal demands and for the owner of the building.

We analyse these factors together with our customers, the manufacturers of air handling units, to determine the optimum product-specific features for the fan system:

  • Fans account for the majority of the power consumed by air handling units; the solution: EC technology integrated into an aerodynamically optimised impeller – nozzle module for maximum efficiency.
  • Fans are part of the controlled system, the air performance has to be adaptable to requirements; the solution: EC technology with a networkable interface to the control system.
  • Minimal air-borne and structure-borne noise levels through the use of an aeroacoustically optimised impeller – nozzle concept, possibly with FlowGrid and anti-vibration mounting module
  • Our RadiPac concept: Easy to integrate into the system thanks to its compact design with simple and safe installation.
  • The RadiPac product range for all operating requirements; robust construction and reliable operation.

“Quality in a square” is not just a good motto for delicious chocolate, it can apply just as well to technical products. ebm-papst can help customers secure their future success.

Dr. Bruno Lindl, R&D Managing Director ebm-papst Group

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