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No more trouble with the air supply system

Following a motor bearing failure in the air supply system at the Media Markt store in Berlin’s Wedding district, Daume GmbH convinced the store’s management to invest in the future – with a FanGrid.

Unusual noises in the Media Markt store in Berlin-Wedding got the attention of technicians from Daume, a building equipment specialist. They were actually there to do other construction work and noticed a sporadically occurring rotation noise: a motor bearing failure about to happen in the air supply system. If a failure occurred, things would get stuffy for the store’s customers and its employees. “The system was still running with a belt-driven housed fan from 1995. The technology has made a lot of progress since then,” says Marco Mittermüller, head of customer service at the Daume Group in Berlin.

The entire range

Mittermüller’s employer is an owner-managed group of companies headquartered in Duderstadt. It supports public sector, commercial and industrial customers in all aspects of building equipment: heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitation, and measurement and control systems. Daume looks after all of the Media Markt and Saturn stores in Germany; there are 29 of them in Berlin alone.

First one, now six

For the assignment at the store in Berlin-Wedding, Daume brought ebm-papst on board. The plans called for the ventilation system to provide air conditioning for 4,000 square meters of floor space on two floors. The solution: six RadiPac EC centrifugal fans connected in parallel in a FanGrid. They could fit in the existing air handling unit.

Management at the Media Markt store didn’t have to think twice; the expected amount of energy savings was convincing enough. The project was implemented within three months. “That’s not incredibly fast, but compared with other projects, the decision-making phase was much shorter than usual because of the worries that the system could fail,” says Mittermüller.

“Most customers dream of amortization periods of less than a year.” 

Marco Mittermüller, Daume

A major benefit of the project is that Media Markt can save 70 percent on electricity. As Mittermüller says, “Compared with current models, the old fans use up lots of electricity.” The change from belt-driven AC fans to the FanGrid with fans from ebm-papst has reduced the Media Markt store’s annual electricity bill from 18,651 to 5,367 euros. “Most customers dream of amortization periods of less than a year. In this case, and of course accounting for the repair costs, we were able to realize that,” says Mittermüller.

Whenever there’s room for improvement

Marco Mittermüller says, “We can rely on ebm-papst. Whenever we rebuild ventilation systems with EC fans, we always work with ebm-papst – in other words, whenever there’s room for improvement.”

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