New ideas on familiar topics

Thomas Borst on noise reduction, energy efficiency and the role of the installation space

Dear Readers – certain topics are real evergreens: no matter how often they have come up before there is always room for discussion. For example, noise reduction and energy efficiency have become absolute best sellers around the world. Not least because the use of innovative technology makes air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems quieter and also more efficient, thus helping to save money as well.
As our current leading article from Spain shows, the new AxiTop diffuser is an excellent example of such technology. Its outstanding features ensure market success and play a central role in system planning. In the world of centrifugal fans, the new compact RadiPac product range means that customers can design more compact new devices, thus saving space, materials and costs as well.
This product range is also one of the factors giving impetus to another evergreen topic: The modernisation of ventilation and air conditioning systems is an expanding market around the world. As already experienced with refrigeration systems, we are now also witnessing a similar development in these sectors – one reason being that users can now easily replace less efficient fans with convenient plug-and-play concepts. And such conversion can have a significant effect as shown by the example of a data centre. I hope you will feel similarly inspired by reading this edition of your mag°! 

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