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New fans for an old station

Cramped equipment rooms and regulations affecting alterations to historic buildings prevented the installation of a new ventilation system in the Copenhagen train station. But ebm-papst had another good solution up its sleeve.

DInstalling a new system in the cramped equipment rooms was impossible.

Installing a new system in the cramped equipment rooms was impossible.

The century-old concourse in Copenhagen’s central train station is an attractive Art Nouveau building in the city center. To preserve the building for posterity, the Danes subjected it regulations that limit modifications to historical buildings. But that step taken to ensure that both locals and tourists could enjoy the building for a long time to come caused problems for the operator of the approximately 20 stores and restaurants in the station. When Steen & Strøm looked for solutions to reduce their energy consumption, measures such as additional insulation or installing a ventilation system in the ceiling were out of the question as they were not allowed to make changes to the building. The ventilation system had to stay in the two cramped equipment rooms between the tracks.

EC-ventilators replace AC-ventilators

Steen & Strøm asked the service provider Energi & Miljøteknik for help; the latter called in ebm-papst. “Installing a new system was impossible because of the small rooms,” says Kim Jensen, a facility manager with Steen & Strøm. Henrik Dahl Thomsen, product manager at ebm-papst in Denmark, suggested another way: modernizing the old fans. Energi & Miljøteknik removed the old AC fans and replaced them with five new EC fans. “The solution from ebm-papst is brilliant,” says Jensen enthusiastically. “After all, what’s a ventilation system made of? Just boxes, and when you put new fans in them, you basically get a completely new system.”

EC-ventilators replace AC-ventilators - that saves 66 percent energy.

Modernizing the old fans has resulted in energy savings of 66 percent.

With the EC technology, Steen & Strøm has cut its energy costs in the station by 66 percent, so the investment will pay for itself in less than a year. It also helps that the output of the fans can be regulated. Whereas the AC fans ran at full power 24 hours a day, now the operators can regulate the output as needed. Thanks to the good results in the Copenhagen station, Steen & Strøm have since engaged ebm-papst to modernize the systems in two shopping centers.

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