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RadiPac: Measurement is best

Precise documentation and reliable production

The choice of fan is crucial to the reliability and efficiency of air handling units. In this respect, equipment manufacturers have to be able to rely on the documentation provided by the fan manufacturer and on the assurances made with regard to product properties. But where does this product data come from? And how reliable is it?


All the performance data provided by ebm-papst, both in catalogues and the Product Selector, the user-friendly fan selection software, are obtained by taking extensive individual measurements. This involves fitting the test specimens on chamber test rigs set up in accordance with ISO 5801 and performing aeroacoustic measurements. On completion of measurement, the data are validated to guarantee that all the specifications in the documentation actually represent the correct values. So customers can fully rely on the information given when selecting fans.


In addition to accurate product documentation, a suitable fan production process is required to ensure that the products actually exhibit the properties described. For this purpose, monitoring and checking mechanisms are integrated into the production sequence to reliably detect any tolerance deviations. In practice the products then exhibit exactly the properties specified in the documentation. At the end of the production process every ebm-papst fan is tested for proper operation.

Thanks to all the effort invested in precise documentation and reliable production, customers can be sure of obtaining the correct values from ebm-papst. Consequently every fan supplied for use as an air handling unit component can always be trusted to deliver the performance required.

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