EC in the health system

From the roof to the basement: EC drives and fans work unobtrusively but effectively in all areas of medical technology, making it faster, more reliable and quieter.

EC fans and drives are invisible and indispensable helpers in hospitals. Heat exchanger on the roof ensure perfect, noiseless air-conditioning in all rooms. In respiration devices blowers ensure the supply of sleep apnoea patients. As mobile devices, the blowers are also used in ambulances and helicopters. In incubators for new-born babies, EC technology guarantees maximum output constancy, vibration-free performance and reliability in all modes of operation. In sonography and X-ray devices, as well as in computer tomography whisper-quiet EC fans cool the sensitive equipment — and the patients.

The positioning of these devices, which are indispensable for diagnostics, is effected rapidly and precisely by EC drives. This applies also to the operating tables and chairs, in which fine positioning and reproducible movements without vibration are essential. These qualities are to important for laboratory technology 6 and rehabilitation equipment, for example rehabilitators for the retention of mobility after an operation. And also the pump drives of dialysis machines build on the safe and efficient health system of ebm-papst products for medical technology.

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