EC in the health system

From the roof to the base­ment: EC drives and fans work unob­tru­sively but effec­tively in all areas of medical tech­nology, making it faster, more reli­able and quieter.

EC fans and drives are invis­ible and indis­pens­able helpers in hospi­tals. Heat exchanger on the roof ensure perfect, noise­less air-condi­tioning in all rooms. In respi­ra­tion devices blowers ensure the supply of sleep apnoea patients. As mobile devices, the blowers are also used in ambu­lances and heli­copters. In incu­ba­tors for new-born babies, EC tech­nology guar­an­tees maximum output constancy, vibra­tion-free perfor­mance and reli­a­bility in all modes of oper­a­tion. In sonog­raphy and X-ray devices, as well as in computer tomog­raphy whisper-quiet EC fans cool the sensi­tive equip­ment — and the patients.

The posi­tioning of these devices, which are indis­pens­able for diag­nos­tics, is effected rapidly and precisely by EC drives. This applies also to the oper­ating tables and chairs, in which fine posi­tioning and repro­ducible move­ments without vibra­tion are essen­tial. These qual­i­ties are to impor­tant for labo­ra­tory tech­nology 6 and reha­bil­i­ta­tion equip­ment, for example reha­bil­i­ta­tors for the reten­tion of mobility after an oper­a­tion. And also the pump drives of dial­ysis machines build on the safe and effi­cient health system of ebm-papst prod­ucts for medical tech­nology.

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