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Climate control in the driver’s cabin

Relax at a rest stop? No problem, thanks to the Dometic CoolAir auxiliary air conditioner from dometic with modified ebm-papst fans in its evaporator and condenser.

Just relax at a rest stop: Dometic is setting new standards with its latest generation of the CoolAir auxiliary air conditioner — more cooling power longer. Now truckers can stay cool during a break, even with the engine switched off in sweltering heat.

The RTX 1000 can cool a cab with 1,200 watts for up to twelve hours at central European temperatures. And in eco mode, the RTX 2000 can keep going with up to 2,000 watts for an entire weekend. ebm-papst modified the fans in its evaporator and condenser so that they not only work extremely efficiently but are also prepared for ice, rain, snow and other weather conditions. The technology has been field-tested in Australia. 

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