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“AxiBlade makes machines better!”

What can AxiBlade do better? And what’s in it for customers? Patrick Stern, Head of Market Management, Refrigeration Technology Division, tells us.

What was behind the development of the AxiBlade?

axiblade-54-percent-higher-efficiency-than-the-current-market-standard We’re always kicking new ideas around, because we really are innovative and don’t just say we are. Four years ago, with AxiTop we took the first step toward pressure recovery using the diffuser effect. Now we wanted to combine this effect with the aerodynamic benefits from the interplay of a new impeller, fan housing and guard grill. Which is exactly why the AxiBlade is a quantum leap. Because it integrates everything in one unit without any additions.

For which applications is the AxiBlade especially suited?

It’s ideal wherever air-cooled heat exchangers are used, be it condensers with refrigerants for refrigeration or chillers with water mixtures for air conditioning. Since we’ve retained the external dimensions of the fan, customers can easily use the new product with their existing applications without having to make any adaptations.

How else do the customers benefit?


Patrick Stern, Head of Market Management, Refrigeration Technology Division

The AxiBlade has up to 54 percent* higher efficiency than the current market standard and it’s up to eight decibels* quieter, even with a higher power density. These technical benefits grant the customers flexibility. Now they can choose: Do I want a quieter, more efficient unit or do I need more power? So with the same unit they get a higher cooling capacity — for example, in chiller applications, the more air the better. If they don’t need the higher air performance, with appropriate speed adjustments using EC technology they can save even more energy since the entire series needs much less power consumption for the same air performance. The AxiBlade makes the customer’s end products technically better so they can stand out from the competition.

How do customers find the right AxiBlade?

There are two basic designs as far as the combination of fan housing and peripherals is concerned. The standard design is best used for the intermediate pressure range. For use at higher back pressures, the version with guide vanes is better. But in finding the best option for a particular customer application, good advice is still as important as ever.

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