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499 Radi­Pacs for a model project in China

A venti­lation concept guar­an­teed to meet with applause

The new Grand Theatre in Jinan in China is the pride of the city – not least in terms of sustain­ability. Helping to achieve this are 499 extremely effi­cient and quiet-running RadiPac fans from ebm-papst which supply the giant complex containing an opera house, concert hall, hotels and offices with all the fresh air it needs. 


The RadiPac cube design is the ideal choice for large and heavy fans

ebm-papst was the ideal partner for the air handling unit manu­fac­turers Tsinghua Tong­fang Co. who are committed to sustain­able solu­tions. The 710 and 630 mm RadiPac fans employed offer maximum energy effi­ciency and reli­a­bility coupled with minimal main­te­nance and ease of instal­la­tion.

They are also powerful enough to convey the air through the exten­sive ducting system at high pres­sure and quiet enough to not spoil the visi­tors’ enjoy­ment. 

Thanks to the use of offi­cially certi­fied ebm-papst measure­ment tech­nology there was also no doubt that the envis­aged system effi­ciency of the fan units would actu­ally be attained in prac­tice.

The crux of the matter:

Model projects such as that in Jinan have to live up to their good name. This demands solu­tions which both incor­po­rate successful existing concepts and repre­sent the latest state of the art – just like our Radi­Pacs with Green­Tech EC tech­nology.EN_499_technical data


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