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Triad for Miele

Concentrated know-how for an especially efficient heat pump drier

Clothes dryers are highly practical. However, many machines still consume too much energy. Conventional condensation dryers are unable to improve on Efficiency Class B, which is hardly in line with the times. But with the development of heat pump technology, this issue is now home and dry. Modern machines employing heat pumps are able to make energy savings of up to 50 per cent. All three of ebm-papst’s German factories – St. Georgen, Mulfingen and Landshut – were able to input their respective core competence in the market success of the latest heat pump drier from Miele.

Miele is a synonym for quality

Machines made by the family-run company are tested for a service life of 20 years to ensure that they remain as reliable as the customer expects throughout this time. To satisfy this requirement, the company follows a universal approach covering the entire product life cycle when it develops new machines and technologies. Continuous optimization for the benefit of the customer and for the protection of the environment. The development phase is decisive. This is where the foundations are laid for quality: avoidance of critical materials during production, conservation of resources while in use and the capacity to recycle the materials used. Even during the development of a new drier, the German technology and quality leader defined strict requirements. Minimal energy consumption should be achieved to reduce operating costs and minimise environmental impact. Moreover, the user must be able to find Miele’s trademark quality in the specific product characteristics: gentle washing of laundry, short program times, quiet operation and long service life. The expectations placed on suppliers are equally high. ebm-papst was able to convince with its competencies and supported the legendary Miele quality with its close links between its factories. The evaporator fan for cooling the compressor and heat pump circuit comes from St. Georgen. The process blower for recirculating the air in the drier circuit was developed in Mulfingen. And the condensate pump for pumping off the condensation is supplied from Landshut.

Condensate pump

  • Task: To pump the condensation in the water tank straight into the drain
  • Technical requirements: Additional sealing between the pump section and the condensate tank

Processs blower

  • Task: Air recirculation in the drier circuit, cloths drying
  • Technical requirements: High air flow in critical assembly space

Evaporator fan

  • Task: Cooling the compressor and heat pump circuit
  • Technical requirements: High protection rating due to exposure to moisture when cleaning

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