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Triad for Miele

Concen­trated know-how for an espe­cially effi­cient heat pump drier

Clothes dryers are highly prac­tical. However, many machines still consume too much energy. Conven­tional conden­sa­tion dryers are unable to improve on Effi­ciency Class B, which is hardly in line with the times. But with the devel­op­ment of heat pump tech­nology, this issue is now home and dry. Modern machines employing heat pumps are able to make energy savings of up to 50 per cent. All three of ebm-papst’s German facto­ries – St. Georgen, Mulfingen and Land­shut – were able to input their respec­tive core compe­tence in the market success of the latest heat pump drier from Miele.

Miele is a synonym for quality

Machines made by the family-run company are tested for a service life of 20 years to ensure that they remain as reli­able as the customer expects throughout this time. To satisfy this require­ment, the company follows a universal approach covering the entire product life cycle when it develops new machines and tech­nolo­gies. Contin­uous opti­miza­tion for the benefit of the customer and for the protec­tion of the envi­ron­ment. The devel­op­ment phase is deci­sive. This is where the foun­da­tions are laid for quality: avoid­ance of crit­ical mate­rials during produc­tion, conser­va­tion of resources while in use and the capacity to recycle the mate­rials used. Even during the devel­op­ment of a new drier, the German tech­nology and quality leader defined strict require­ments. Minimal energy consump­tion should be achieved to reduce oper­ating costs and minimise envi­ron­mental impact. More­over, the user must be able to find Miele’s trade­mark quality in the specific product char­ac­ter­is­tics: gentle washing of laundry, short program times, quiet oper­a­tion and long service life. The expec­ta­tions placed on suppliers are equally high. ebm-papst was able to convince with its compe­ten­cies and supported the legendary Miele quality with its close links between its facto­ries. The evap­o­rator fan for cooling the compressor and heat pump circuit comes from St. Georgen. The process blower for recir­cu­lating the air in the drier circuit was devel­oped in Mulfingen. And the conden­sate pump for pumping off the conden­sa­tion is supplied from Land­shut.

Conden­sate pump

  • Task: To pump the conden­sa­tion in the water tank straight into the drain
  • Tech­nical require­ments: Addi­tional sealing between the pump section and the conden­sate tank // Shaft seal with long service life and low fric­tion loss // Customer-specific float system with low water absorp­tion and thus low float weight increase // low mois­ture loss (under 10 per cent)

Processs blower

  • Task: Air recir­cu­la­tion in the drier circuit, cloths drying
  • Tech­nical require­ments: High air flow in crit­ical assembly space // High pres­sure loss caused by appli­ca­tion // High protec­tion rating required due to mois­ture in the process air // High sensi­tivity to noise // Devel­op­ment of a customer-specific scroll housing

Evap­o­rator fan

  • Task: Cooling the compressor and heat pump circuit
  • Tech­nical require­ments: High protec­tion rating due to expo­sure to mois­ture when cleaning // High ambient temper­a­ture due to posi­tion between heat exchanger and compressor // Inte­grated terminal connector // Very long service life // High ensi­tivity to noise

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