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Comfort comes in small pack­ages

Max Green lives with his family in a tiny house measuring just a few square meters in the Bran­den­burg coun­try­side. Despite the compact dimen­sions, comfort has not been compromised—including in the bath­room.

My house, my car, my boat – while “bigger”, “more expen­sive”, and “more exclu­sive” were still aspi­ra­tional life goals a few years ago, there are more and more people nowa­days who want to live a simpler, less osten­ta­tious lifestyle. Max Green is one of them. For just under a year, the coach and YouTuber has been living with his little family in a “tiny house” measuring just 15 square meters. This minus­cule area contains a kitchen, a lounge and dining room, a generous sleeping space and a fully equipped bath­room. Wheels are mounted beneath the house to let the family move on to a different loca­tion when­ever they want.

Clearing away the clutter

Although Max Green had long striven to live a sustain­able, scaled-back lifestyle, it still wasn’t easy to switch from an 80-square-meter apart­ment in Berlin to the tiny house: “We always thought that we didn’t have a lot of stuff. But when you have to down­size the way we did, you suddenly realize that you’re still surrounded by useless clutter.” However, he’s still happy with the deci­sion: “It’s really liber­ating to have so few things surrounding us. And the prox­imity to nature that we now enjoy is a real bonus.” Green had the tiny house tailored to his exact wishes by special­ists. When the plans were drawn up, a comfort­able bath­room was a high priority. “People tend to cut corners on this room in tiny houses. However, it was impor­tant to us that a small bathtub could still fit in the space provided, and that there would be enough room for two people to brush their teeth at once.”
The Villa 9000 dry toilet from Sepa­rett also contributes to the comfort in the bath­room. It sepa­rates solids from liquid waste through a flap, which also prevents unpleasant odors from devel­oping. This effect is rein­forced by a quiet ebm-papst fan with two-stage control. Firstly, this ensures that any odors are guided straight out of the room. Secondly, it dries solid waste quicker, which like­wise helps to prevent unpleasant smells.

Reli­a­bility for the trend market

Mikael Bill­sund, CEO of Sepa­rett, explains why the Swedish company puts its trust in ebm-papst: “That’s very simple—reliability. We want our customers to be able to use the toilets for as long as possible. The quality of every single compo­nent matters for this.” Bill­sund and his company are also keeping one eye on the “tiny house” trend: “Many of our toilets are being installed in tiny houses, espe­cially in Germany and the USA. That’s why we’re currently working on an advanced version of the toilet that is even more compact and there­fore even more suit­able for this appli­ca­tion.”

Max Green is extremely satis­fied with the Villa 9000. “The toilet works flaw­lessly, and we never have any issues with the smell.” As such, the family can enjoy the fresh country air in Bran­den­burg at all times.


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