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A pump for the python

To get the beer fresh to the tap, it is cooled on its way to the bar. Pump systems by Cornelius take care of this task.

At least ten meters usually separate a beer barrel from the beer tap at the bar. With this distance, it could mean you get a warm beer on a hot summer’s day. This problem doesn’t just impact upon the taste, but also goes against regulations. Bar operators need to ensure a temperature of four degrees Celsius at all times. Pump systems such as ecoFLO® from the British manufacturer Cornelius therefore have hoses with integrated cooling, known as pythons.

An ebm-papst immersion pump tirelessly dissipates the heat from the beer. The ecoFLO® features another highlight that saves the bar operator money. Instead of continuously cooling the beer in the hose and in barrels, even when it is not needed, the ecoFLO® only jumps into action if there is a risk of the temperature rising. This saves around 42 percent on energy costs.

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