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Gas fittings, blower and control from a single source

Eco-friendly gas heating systems need perfectly matched components

For single-family and multi-family homes, eco-friendly gas will remain a popular heat generation medium in the future. The cost-benefit ratio for a modern, low-pollutant gas heating system remains unbeatable. To make the problem of matching the individual components easier for the developers of gas heating systems, complete packages comprising blower, gas metering system (gas fittings or multifunction controls) and control unit are the best choice. Here, the individual controls within the overall gas metering system are optimally matched. They reliably comply with all emissions limits across the entire power range of the gas heating system and guarantee economical operation.

As a supplier for modern heating systems, ebm-papst has long offered the latest blower technology for gas burners. In order to satisfy the stricter requirements regarding the quality of combustion, engineers now prefer a complete range of all necessary components from a single source. With the acquisition of the multifunction gas control division of Dungs, the extensive product range now also includes gas fittings for controlling the combustion air and the gas feed in the power range up to 80 kW.

The mixture is the key

Cost-effective gas feed mixture by means of venturi nozzle: NRG 118 with venturi and gas fittings

Optimum combustion is only possible if the volume of gas exactly matches the volume of oxygen in the combustion air. In practice, this so-called mixture has to be maintained as precisely as possible over a broad control range of the burner. Too much gas means unburned particles such as carbon monoxide (CO), energy loss and toxic exhaust fumes. Too little gas means that too much air is being heated unnecessarily. This also causes valuable energy to disappear up the chimney. Gas metering does not depend on the type of heating system. Regardless of whether the blower burner uses forced air ventilation or if it is an atmospheric burner: both the gas feed volume and the mixture with fresh air always have to be right.
The solution to the problem can be approached in many different ways. Electronic control systems with air volume and air mass sensors are just as possible as the tried and tested venturi nozzles, which use a vacuum to mechanically control the gas feed. While the fully electronic control systems from the ebm-papst product range offer the optimum solution for special cases, the tried and tested, pneumatically regulated multiple gas controls are first choice for a reliable, inexpensive, modern heating system. Again here, the right match means that there is no need to fear compromise in terms of comfort, cost-effectiveness or environmental protection. The principle of “everything from a single source” is a guarantee for the user that he will get matching components that are exactly tailored to his specifications. You know who the responsible person is if there are any difficulties and “the ball” is not passed back and forth between several different suppliers. That is an advantage for quick problem resolution that cannot be underestimated.

Gas metering made easy

Function diagram of a venturi mixing nozzle and control valve

Even if all multifunction gas controls employ the same operating principle, there are still substantial differences in design. Fundamentally, all devices work on the basis of the venturi nozzle. Like in an engine carburettor, the speed of the gas flow is increased by narrowing the cross-section. Here, preservation of momentum means that the pressure of the fast-flowing medium is reduced. While the carburettor uses this depression to draw in fuel, the gas control unit uses it to actuate a valve. A highly sensitive match means that the right amount of combustion gas is always fed into the combustion air, and this is done purely mechanically.
Different systems are needed to precisely regulate heating systems of up to 80 kW, such as those that are commonly employed in single-family and multi-family homes. The fact that a controller for a blower burner needs a different design to an atmospheric burner, which works with much lower air speeds, is obvious. But even within each design, variations are possible with an additional electromagnetic valve control system. This makes safety, comfort and low-pollutant combustion possible in all load ranges and with different boiler designs.

Practice-orientated product range

Gallery: WhirlWind and GasBloc

The product range for the multifunction gas control division contains two main groups, the WhirlWind system and GasBloc. The former is a fully integrated gas/air composite system that combines control and safety. Despite the greater power density, it features a large modulation range, making it suitable for sensitive power adjustment. The GasBloc system is also designed for single- or multi-stage or modulating operation of atmospheric burners or for premixing and blower-supported burners. Depending on the design, the ignition flame, the starting gas volume and other parameters can be calibrated to the boiler. All multifunction gas control units are compliant with EC type-examination certificates pursuant to the EC equipment directive.
For the modern, economical generation of heat in the household, gas heating will continue to set the standards in the future. Comfort, environmental protection and low costs are only possible if the gas metering is properly adjusted for the application concerned. A broad product range from a single source will help both users and manufacturers of gas heating systems to achieve the best possible match.

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