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“Flex­ible and compact”

RadiMix gas blowers are perfect for heating modern build­ings. Frank Schlopakowski, Head of Design Depart­ment R&D at ebm-papst, explains why.

What makes the RadiMix gas blower special?

The RadiMix series includes four sizes: VG 71, VG 100, VG 108 and a size that is still in the devel­op­ment phase. What they all have in common is unusu­ally high flex­i­bility in terms of power range and modu­la­tion at high effi­ciency. Their effi­ciency is five percent higher than that of compa­rable prod­ucts on the market. Last but not least, they are very compact, quiet and eco-friendly.

Where are the gas blowers used?

Frank Schlopakowski, Head of Design Depart­ment R&D bei ebm-papst

Gas blowers are ideal for the gas-condensing units used for heating modern resi­den­tial build­ings. These units supply thermal energy quickly when it is needed and cut back just as quickly. For example, when the whole family needs hot water to shower in the morning, the high perfor­mance is there, and at night the heating system reduces its output, which is good for the envi­ron­ment and lowers the heating costs. With their high modu­la­tion band­width, our RadiMix gas blowers meet these require­ments ­perfectly.

What other bene­fits do customers have?

Better aero­dy­namics and a new, more effi­cient motor make the RadiMix gas blowers very compact. That means our customers, the producers of condensing boilers, can offer smaller units without compro­mising on perfor­mance and conve­nience. Our new gas blowers are not only adjustable to a wide range of perfor­mance require­ments, they can also be adapted to various instal­la­tion scenarios.

The VG 71 is one of four blowers in the RadiMix plat­form. (Photo: Gernot Walter)

For example, the side panel is made of sheet steel instead of the usual die-cast aluminum. That enables custom and always optimal posi­tioning of the elec­trical hookups on the motor side. The gas mixing unit, the so-called venturi mixer, which can be option­ally posi­tioned in the intake area on the housing, can be customized to customer require­ments. In addi­tion, the RadiMix series is quiet compared with the previous blowers.

How was it possible to make the high-perfor­mance blower so quiet?

In addi­tion to reducing airborne sound, we focused on reducing vibra­tions. Using modern devel­op­ment tools, we were able to opti­mize the isola­tion from vibra­tion. The sturdy motor cover, which is decou­pled from the drive, also contributes to a low noise level.

How does the blower fit with smart home concepts?

The elec­tronics have been completely redesigned and can be inte­grated in digital systems through optional bus inter­faces. That makes it easy to analyze para­me­ters like output, temper­a­ture, service status or oper­ating voltage. The stored data enable both preven­tive main­te­nance and remote trouble­shooting.

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