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Clear vision in digital worlds

The Australian company Euclideon has developed a hologram table that brings almost anything you can imagine to life as a 3D model. That’s far more than building castles with clean air.

In the middle of a darkened room, a new neighborhood is rising up out of a table. Four people with futuristic eyeglasses are bending over it, pointing to details, zooming into the view, rotating it. The scene looks like something out of a science fiction movie.  

But it is reality. The hologram table by Euclideon from Brisbane makes it come true. “We had decided to realize this vision to allow people to experience large models or even games – in a way that is more impressive than virtual reality and more immersive than 3D television,” says Louis Valenti, Marketing Manager at Euclideon.

More convenient than virtual reality

The result is the first 3D table where multiple users can show each other their visions simultaneously without having to wear huge virtual reality devices on their heads. Because the magnitude is in the table. The high-tech piece of furniture measures 210 x 210 x 61.5 centimeters and the screen measures 120 x 120 centimeters. It projects 3D models in various formats up to 60 centimeters in height and can create a visual depth of one meter down.  

“Dust and poor air quality cloud the projectors. Without clean air, the quality of the image would be greatly reduced.”

Louis Valenti, Marketing Manager at Euclideon

Architectural designs, landscapes, entire countries, individual blades of grass: Everything takes on realistic forms and literally puts what has been conceived in tangible proximity. Users can pick up individual objects and move them across the table with the associated control bar.

Ideal air filter system for holograms

But all this works only with particle-free air, as Valenti explains: “Dust and poor air quality cloud the projectors. Without clean air, the quality of the image would be greatly reduced.” So Euclideon relies on an air filter system from the Swedish company Elfi.  That’s what it’s all about: The Elfi air filter system is extremely energy efficient – due to the design, of course. But an air purification system is only as good as the fans working in there.

Centrifugal fans give everything

Elfi uses DC centrifugal fans with speed regulation from ebm-papst for its systems. They draw in the air from the sides of the table through the filter and fill the entire interior of the table with clean air – they can do 300 cubic meters in an hour and run permanently at maximum power because they are so energy efficient and so quiet.  

The fact that the hologram table does not produce any annoying sounds is important in applications in a working environment. Euclideon designed the table primarily for such an environment. But the Australian 3D visionaries assume that hologram technology will also be used in the private sector in the future. “Ten, twenty years ago, people still considered touch screens to be super futuristic. Today we have them everywhere. It will be similar with hologram technology,” says Valenti. In any case, the air is pure.

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