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 »Sustainability Is in Our Genes«

Turkey relies on the EU Ecodesign directive. Since 2018, the minimum efficiency standard has also applied to the condensing boiler market. emas, the Turkish market leader, is not worried about the regulations being tightened.

A hot spot of Turkish industry is located around 20 kilometers to the north east of Izmir. In the huge industrial zone of Manisa, Emas Makina Sanayi A.Ş. (emas) and over 150 other companies manufacture their products. emas is the biggest condensing boiler manufacturer in Turkey and with its ECA brand, has also been a leader in the heating and cooling system market since 1985. And emas is now going international: China, Russia, the Middle East, Greece, Germany, and Great Britain. Innovations are a key driver of the expansion. At emas, Fikri Neğiş, the head of research and development, is responsible for this effort.

What role does sustainability play for you ?

It is very important to me to act sustainably. That was one of the reasons I decided to work at emas. For me personally, the company’s values are an important guide and for both me and my colleagues, they are an inspiring goal.

Fikri Neğiş received his engineering degree from Middle East Technical University, one of the top universities in Turkey. His master’s thesis was about material sciences and energy storage. Neğiş’ entry-level position in the automotive industry led to a job in heating technology. (Photo | Kerem Uzel)

What are your company’s values ?

Social responsibility is one of the two key values at emas. Our interpretation of this is: conserving natural resources and treating the environment with respect. Sustainability is in our genes. This is why at emas, we also support directives whose goal is to reduce energy consumption or emissions. We believe in continuous improvement of the environment and the contribution to realizing this goal made by highly efficient products.

Recently, you had to deal with implementing a directive like that.

To successfully enter the market in the European Union, Turkey adopted its rules and regulations early on — including the Ecodesign directive. It has applied to instantaneous water heaters in Turkey since January 2018. But we are not worried about implementing it, since energy efficiency has played an important role at emas for a long time.

How exactly did you implement the directive ?

We concentrated on two topics when implementing the ErP Directive: technical implementation and planning. The technical side primarily involved determining our efficiency classes. At the first step, we changed all the circulation pumps in the boilers to the high efficiency pumps according to ERP lot 11. As a second step, we phased out our non-condensing combi boilers according to ERP lot 1. Then, we provided the printed labels, inside packaging of condensing boilers and gas water heaters, to end users and the document version to all customers on the Internet. At the same time, we enabled the online calculation program of heating systems with additional heat sources or accessories to determine package system efficiency (boiler+controller+solar system+additional heat sources) and to create a label for the package system.

We still haven’t talked about the second value …

It requires 100% customer orientation. To us, concentrating on customers means recognizing their expectations — and meeting them with innovative products that deliver more than anticipated. Currently, we are working to expand our range of high-quality products, for example. Customer demand in this segment is high.

Could you mention a few examples ?

The newest products in the ECA portfolio are Proteus Premix and Felis. The first one is a condensing boiler in the output range of 24 to 35 kW. Felis is a central high-performance condensing boiler from 65 to 150 kW. By the way, we rely on gas blowers from ebm-papst in both boilers. These high-performance components support our effort to continuously raise our products’ efficiency. And our customers warmly welcome Proteus Premix due to its low noise generation. We are convinced that the gas blower plays an important role in noise reduction.

“We at emas support directives whose goal is to reduce energy consumption or emissions.”
Fikri Neğiş, Head of research and development at EMAS

Why did you decide to go with ebm-papst ?

We have been working closely with ebm-papst since 2004. Several factors played a role in our choice. First, we knew that ebm-papst has a reputation for high quality and reliable components. Second, ebm-papst also follows a sustainable corporate philosophy that matches our convictions. In our daily collaboration, we experience fast, transparent answers to our questions and requirements. For example, when we had a question about quality that was only indirectly related to ebm-papst, our colleagues there reacted quickly and provided useful support. We were very impressed.

Do you also use new components from ebm-papst in your pioneering, innovative products ?

We test all components for perfect function and satisfactory service life in their applications. Over the years we have had very good results with the gas blowers from ebm-papst. That is why we are always ready to use further development or innovative products: they fulfill our mission of exceeding expectations. After all, top quality and innovation are our main focus.

Elginkan Holding Emas is part of Elginkan Holding Company Stiftung, which was founded in 1951. It embraces the mission of following cutting-edge technology while taking its effect on humans and the environment into consideration and always focusing on the quality and reliability of its products and services.

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