Photo gallery: ebm-papst in the garage (Season 2014)

Impres­sions of how ebm-papst fans are used in the garage

Depending on the race loca­tion, ambient temper­a­tures can exceed 40 degrees centi­grade during the course of a Formula one race. Natural cooling of car compo­nents is highly effec­tive at 340 kilo­me­tres per hour, however, addi­tional active cooling is neces­sary to manage the temper­a­ture increase during the initial period after the race car stops running. ebm-papst fan tech­nology is utilized within the sidepod and roll-hoop aper­tures to actively cool the temper­a­ture sensi­tive compo­nents and systems on the race car.
On the starting grid and in the garage, cooling is provided by the new “S Force” axial fans from ebm-papst with a perfor­mance curve which matches the high back pres­sure char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Mercedes system. This produces an enor­mous 518 percent improve­ment in air flow delivery and so satis­fies the require­ments for a compact, portable and powerful system.

See all the details in our Photo gallery:



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