ebm-papst’s jobs in Formula 1

Where does MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS use ebm-papst prod­ucts?

Off-board cooling

ebm-papst has devel­oped, in conjunc­tion with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ team, a highly specialised off-board cooling solu­tion opti­mised for the sidepod radi­a­tors and roll-hoop of the F1 W05 race cars which will be deployed when the car is on the grid and in the garage at all Grands Prix and test sessions.

Ambient temper­a­tures at Formula One races can reach up to 40°C with ambient on-car temper­a­tures up to 75°C and an oper­ating temper­a­ture of over 120°C for the sidepod radi­a­tors.

In order to achieve the optimal perfor­mance for the cars, ebm-papst has used their latest in fan tech­nology. For grid and parc ferme the side­pods and roll-hoop will be cooled with the new ‘S Force’ axial fans whose perfor­mance curve match the high back-pres­sure char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Mercedes system and provide a 518% improve­ment in deliv­ered airflow. This high perfor­mance contained within a small pack­aging size meets the require­ments for a small portable powerful system.

When the car is in the garage, the side­pods and roll-hoop will be cooled via a larger low-noise forward-curved centrifugal solu­tion where the motor and impellor have been inte­grated into a bespoke designed scroll housing to fit perfectly on to the car for maximum perfor­mance and low noise in the garage envi­ron­ment.

Garage Heat extrac­tion and cooling

As the world­wide leader in effi­cient fans and motors, ebm-papst have devel­oped a bespoke high effi­ciency heat extrac­tion and cooling solu­tion for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team garage that will be imple­mented during the 2014 Formula One season.

With the garage temper­a­ture reaching up to 45°C at tracks such as Singa­pore, ebm-papst will ensure the best possible envi­ron­ment for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team, its’ drivers and guests.

Further Tech­nical Working Groups

During 2015, ebm-papst’s highly skilled engi­neers will also design and imple­ment further cooling solu­tions for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Oper­a­tions Centre in Brackley, UK. This will enable the team to reduce elec­tricity usage and CO2 emis­sions to further support the facility’s ISO14001 status.

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    Ebm-papst provides 518% improve­ment in deliv­ered airflow

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    518 percent sir! :)

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    very good work!! bravo!!

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    The answer to the ques­tion, how much % did the air flow off on-car cooling improve, is 518%.

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    I love my Mercedes AMG. It is a better car than any I have ever ridden in, in my 60 years! Powerful yet supremely quiet, unpar­al­leled handling; the touch of fine wood and leather inte­rior AND 30 mpg highway driving and it was built in 1993. This gorgeous black beast can go from 0-100 mph in mere seconds. It still looks new and has 150,000 miles mostly in the moun­tains of the Amer­ican West. It is now consid­ered a ‘classic’ car, but to me, it always has been.

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    518 % Nice work

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