ebm-papst supports tech­nical revo­lu­tion in Formula 1

This season, Formula 1 racing has expe­ri­enced its biggest tech­nical revo­lu­tion regarding effi­ciency since the sport began in 1950. For this very reason, ebm-papst, the leading manu­fac­turer in fans and motors has decided to enter into a part­ner­ship with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 racing team.

ebm-papst has devel­oped off-board cooling solu­tions for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 W05 racing cars, in addi­tion to working closely with the team to improve the garage working envi­ron­ment at Grand Prix venues through inno­v­a­tive, custom-built heat extrac­tion and cooling solu­tions which will be intro­duced later in the 2014 season. This will be of partic­ular value at venues such as Singa­pore with chal­lenging climatic condi­tions.

Further­more, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS and ebm-papst will work hand-in-hand on future projects to improve the energy effi­ciency of the team’s oper­a­tional facil­i­ties at Brackley, in addi­tion to holding tech­nical working groups to share exper­tise and best prac­tice in areas such as Compu­ta­tional Fluid Dynamics (CFD), turbine tech­nology and energy effi­ciency.

By signing with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, ebm-papst becomes the first major partner to enter Formula One as a direct conse­quence of the new effi­ciency based rules intro­duced for the 2014 season and beyond.

Winner of the 2013 German Sustain­ability Award (GSA) in the cate­gory “Germany’s most sustain­able compa­nies” – one of the most pres­ti­gious prizes of its kind in Europe – ebm-papst has been recog­nised for its outstanding achieve­ments in sustain­ability.

It is from these very prin­ci­ples that the new era of Formula One finds its roots. As the auto­mo­tive industry increas­ingly demands more from less, effi­ciency and hybrid tech­nolo­gies become all the more rele­vant. As the pinnacle of auto­mo­tive tech­nology and perfor­mance, the sport has a signif­i­cant role to play in driving these tech­nolo­gies forward. For MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, this fresh philos­ophy and its rele­vance to the road holds partic­ular impor­tance.

Head of Mercedes-Benz Motor­sport, Toto Wolff, commented:

“Formula One is the pinnacle of auto­mo­tive inno­va­tion. As such, it has a duty to push the bound­aries of tech­nology. The new regu­la­tions not only encourage this inno­va­tion but also make the sport more rele­vant to the direc­tion in which the motoring industry is heading. Our part­ner­ship with ebm-papst not only provides the team with the best solu­tions avail­able to operate our racing cars but it also demon­strates the signif­i­cance of new and inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies within the sport. To welcome a new partner as a direct conse­quence of the new 2014 rules is proof that we are heading in the right direc­tion. Our research and devel­op­ment for the race track is now increas­ingly rele­vant not only to our road car activ­i­ties but also wider fields of tech­nology.”

Rainer Hunds­dörfer, CEO of ebm-papst, commented:

“We are delighted that MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS has chosen our sustain­able tech­nology and that we are able to join Formula One at this impor­tant strategic realign­ment for the sport. For us, this commit­ment repre­sents an invest­ment in the future. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS is world class when it comes to the domain of aero­dy­namic effi­ciency. I am confi­dent that we will derive mutual benefit from this part­ner­ship.”

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