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Best buddies in the garage

The mobile fan unit EC Aura keeps mechanics of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport cool in the garage.

They‘re indis­pens­able team members at every race. In the garage of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport they‘re amongst the most popular colleagues—because in the heat of the moment they still create a great atmos­phere: the mobile fans EC Aura. Keeping the team at the box cool at all times, these buddies are well liked. Around the car the mechanics would be working in a heat-soaked envi­ron­ment. Together with the sidepod and roll-hoop blowers the vari­able speed EC Aura enables the garage to reach an optimum working temper­a­ture in minimum time.

Keeping the garage cool

When the cars return to the garage from the track, the mechanics are working around heat sources like the engine, the drive­train or the brakes. They place four to six EC Aura units around the car bays that can easily be posi­tioned to keep both the mechanics cool and reject ambient heat from the garage. The units are also speed controlled to allow the team to opti­mise the flow.

The EC Aura was initially designed as an easily trans­portable and powerful cooling solu­tion for open indoor spaces. “It was initially designed for use in commer­cial, indus­trial, retail or leisure appli­ca­tions”, explains Mark Wilson, Sales Director at ebm-papst Auto­mo­tive & Drives. The 500 mm fan unit is mounted on a wheeled cradle with a trans­port handle and is manu­fac­tured by ebm-papst UK Ltd.

When Wilson presented this solu­tion in Brackley, the engi­neers at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport recog­nized the poten­tial imme­di­ately. Ever since the easy-to-use and easy-to-trans­port units travel as best buddies to all the Formula OneTM races world­wide.

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