Making the world more green: Japan asks the customers

Japanese subsidiary takes the oppor­tu­nity to spread the idea of “Every day is a GreenDay”

At ebm-papst, envi­ron­men­tally respon­sible actions are a matter of course. There­fore the Japanese subsidiary took the oppor­tu­nity of the “Every day is a GreenDay” campaign to spread the idea of Green­Tech among their local customers. They liked the idea, as the response from kitchen appli­ances manu­fac­turer Hoshizaki Elec­tric proves: “Currently we have observed that many compa­nies follow the trend to impress with envi­ron­mental sustain­ability. However in many cases their main concern is profits in the short term. Yet, with its high stan­dard of ecolog­ical manu­fac­turing, ebm-papst is pursuing a long range vision of acting envi­ron­men­tally respon­sible. This deep-rooted policy is one of contin­uous improve­ment which places ebm-papst in a sepa­rate green class above its competi­tors.”

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