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Green Deeds World­wide

“Every day is a green day” was the motto of the 2012 ebm-papst sustain­ability campaign that was initi­ated by the company’s trainees. Since then, June 5, which is the UN’s declared World Envi­ron­ment Day, kicks off a new round of “green” action weeks.

Already in the last three years, ebm-papst subsidiaries world­wide have been making their mark when it comes to envi­ron­mental protec­tion, sustain­ability, and effi­ciency. Here are just a few of the many green actions that a select four of the company’s global loca­tions imple­mented in the fourth year.



The energy scouts visited a tech­nical high school.

At the begin­ning of June, three trainees from the Mulfingen loca­tion trav­eled across the pond to describe their work as energy scouts to their Amer­ican colleagues while also providing three days of prac­tical training on how to handle energy more effi­ciently. They presented their project to the German-Amer­ican Chamber of Commerce AHK USA and were welcomed as guests by compa­nies inter­ested in their work. They also visited the Envi­ron­mental Program at the United Nations in New York as well as a tech­nical high school..



The photo­voltaic system can supply part of the energy required by the loca­tion.

A photo­voltaic system of 100 kW capacity at the plant in Chennai will supply part of the energy required by the Indian loca­tion. Rainer Hunds­dörfer, Chairman of Board of Direc­tors of the ebm-papst Group, trav­eled there to attend the offi­cial dedi­ca­tion of the new PV system, which includes solar cells on the roof and six solar inverters equipped with fans produced by ebm-papst. A computer moni­tors the entire plant in real time and provides infor­ma­tion on its current output.



This is how the shop­ping basket without plastic looks like.

Employees committed to purchasing only prod­ucts without plastic pack­aging for one week. This required them to consis­tently adjust their consumer habits. Instead of going to the super­market around the corner, employees went to the weekly farmer’s market, straight to the farm or to organic food stores where employees were able to buy milk, choco­late, and vegeta­bles without or in alter­na­tive pack­aging mate­rials. With this action, the loca­tion boosted employee aware­ness of the nega­tive conse­quences of our throw-away mentality on the envi­ron­ment and our health.



A vege­tarian lunch was served on the 5th of June.

The team used Green Day as an oppor­tu­nity to intro­duce sustain­able food prac­tices to the company cafe­teria. Since April, the cafe­teria has been making seasonal fruit as well as milk, tea, and coffee from organic farms avail­able. The new selec­tion of organic food helps to protect the envi­ron­ment, makes employees more aware of the bene­fits of organic food stores, and encour­ages them to think about their own consumer habits. On June 5, a vege­tarian lunch was also served.


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